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Welcome! I've felt privileged to work closely with clients in an intimate, safe, calming private practice setting for 10 years. Psychotherapy provides a time and space that allows for reflection and transformation. Sessions deliver professional feedback that gives you an opportunity to gain new understandings of problematic patterns in order to take on more effective approaches to life, relationships, and self confidence. My greatest priority is to help you find contentment and comfort in life with the opportunity to explore the interactions between your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

I specialize in working with people struggling with anxiety, especially following traumatic experiences. When thoughts and feelings seem to get away from us, safety can feel elusive. That's why safety is so important in what I provide. Uncomfortable and painful memories will eventually require some attention and exploration -- security is critical.

Healing from our traumatic pasts, anxieties, and turmoils provides opportunity for growth and new understandings. What do you envision for yourself once you are healed? It's my pleasure to work with folks as they take their envisioned lives and make it their practice. I will work with you to define your priorities and goals, examine what has interfered in achieving those goals, and strategize how you can more effectively achieve those ambitions. Each person brings a unique set of strengths and problems 

I work with my clients to:

Overcome Anxiety & Depression
Address Past Traumas
Champion Life’s Changes
Deepen Meaning in Their Life

I'll give you a safe space to explore these aspects with a professional who can provide feedback that gives you an opportunity to gain new understanding of problematic patterns that can be changed to new, more effective approaches to life, relationships, and self-confidence.

Providing supportive, client centered therapy
                              to encourage growth after trauma.

901 Boren Ave., Suite 701, Seattle, WA 98104
email: envisiontherapies@gmail.com
call: (206) 473-2435
While the spread of COVID19 remains a concern telehealth sessions are available. Telehealth sessions do not always offer the same experience, they still provide effective sessions. After scheduling an appointment, please let me know that you would like to meet by a telehealth portal.